Paparazzi Accessories Review, What Paparazzi Accessories Consultants Can Expect

Paparazzi Accessories is a party planning company that offers an affordable line of jewelry and hair accessories. It is a relatively new company that launched in 2010.

Paparazzi’s entry into the fashion industry is marked by a commitment to keep low prices. They plan to accomplish this by working with suppliers so that everyone can afford the products. The price model currently offers products for $10.00 or less. Hostesses of Paparazzi parties have the opportunity to be credited with free accessories and get discounts on future purchases.

Benefits For Consultants

It was very enjoyable researching for this article because I was able to speak with several consultants. One story was especially touching and inspiring. One consultant was able to supplement her family’s income while her husband was unemployed. She was able to make enough money to maintain the household while her husband completed school. She was happy to share that her business is doing better than ever and her husband found gainful employment. Another consultant stated “I used to make my own jewelry but learned that it was easier and cheaper to sell Paparazzi’s products”. Other consultants enjoy the benefit of working from home. Another common like is the opportunity to meet and connect with new friends at the parties.

The consultants I interviewed described their experience as win-win. Paparazzi Accessories affords work flexibility, the opportunity to make money and work from home.

Business Opportunity

To become an independent Paparazzi Consultant it cost $40.00. Consultants can choose from a variety of starter kits ranging from $300.00 to $2,750.00.

Compensation Plan

Consultants earn 45% retail profit on personal sales, plus 5% to 10% commissions on team sales up to three levels.

In doing research on Paparazzi Accessories I was very impressed to learn how founder Misty Kirby got started. Kirby started her company during the worst economic recession since the great depression. Paparazzi not only survived but also thrived. What Kirby tapped into was the desire women have to have the latest fashions at affordable prices.

Paparazzi Accessories seems poised to continue growth and success in the direct sales industry. It will be interesting to monitor the training provide to new consultants. Most new direct sales companies fail because they overlook the importance of training new consultants correctly. This company should do well if it implements a systematic training approach addressing both online and offline marketing strategies.

Fashion Dash Game Review

Fashion Dash, the name caught my attention. If you think this is a game just for kids, you’re in for a shock. This time management game is so challenging as to pass each levels, the goals are set high. Thus, to get it pass the levels, practice makes perfect. More practice will let you get used to the features of the game, but it’s still challenging nevertheless. Are you ready? Sit tight while I just go through the review.

This game is similar to Diner Dash, if you have played Diner Dash before, this will be easier. Except Diner Dash is on restaurant management while Fashion Dash is on clothes and accessories shop. I have played the one hour trial that I have downloaded, I have just passed the third level, going on to fourth. Have used too much time on the third level which I need to reach the goal of the money earn.

Okay…here are some tips. To serve the customers that comes in to the shop, sit them down at the matching color of the changing room. If the color of their shirt does not match the changing room’s color, they can be served as well…it’s just that the money earn will be lesser. The cash earned can be used to upgrade the changing room.

Then take the catalogs for the customers and wait for them to review. Once they are ready, take the measurements and send the order to the seamstress. After that take the ready made clothes to the customers and get the payment from them in return. After the customers have left, take the hanger and place it at the right place. Well…it seems easy if there are just a couple of people to attend to. But with four or more customers, you have to juggle more task and do multitasking at the same time.

Not only that, some customers feel inadequate without accessories. So take the watches, necklaces, bags or shoes to the customers if they want the accessories. Try not to keep them wait for too long, else they will be dissatisfied. And then, you’ve guessed it, they will pay you less or straight away run out from the store!

Try out Fashion Dash and you’ll not be disappointed. Just need a little bit of perseverance to get the game going. You won’t get bored with all the running around here and there.